HATEOAS related to this object. It wil contain relevant url's such as previous and next page for paged results, create/update/delete action. These url's can be used in your application for the next steps in your application logic.


Url for the GET request of the relevant object.

Type SelfLink

Url for the CREATE request of the relevant object.

Type CreateLink

Url for the UPDATE request of the relevant object.

Type UpdateLink

Url for the DELETE request of the relevant object.

Type DeleteLink

Url for the next paged results. Only available in case a paginated list is returned and we are not on the last paged results.

Type NextLink

Url for the previous paged results. Only available in case a paginated list is returned and we are not on the first paged results.


Url to the documentation page of the relevant object.

Type HelpLink

Url where to follow the progress of a long-running process.


Url which can be used as alternative to your request. This will be used in case you original request was Obsolete.


Url which can be used to get a list of all object for this type. This will be available in case of an ItemNotFound exception

Type ListLink

All other interesting links which we would like to offer.

Type Collection of Link

Related Methods

Retrieve a contact by id.

Remove a contact by id.

Create a new import configuration.

Retrieve an existing import configuration by its id.

Retrieve all available options which you can use as TargetColumnName in the ImportColumnMapping.

Import contacts in bulk. Depending on your import configuration you can receive a email notification on each import. You can also trace the item in the queue when requesting the result.

Get the result of an import.

Retrieve the opt-out list of your account taking the passed criteria into account

Gets the response rate for a survey.

Retrieve a question from a survey by its datalabel.

Retrieve the reults in aggregate for a question by id or datalabel. Hint: If you're looking to get the individual answers to a survey, download the respondents.

Retrieve the aggregates (Average, Median, StandardDeviation, NPS) from a question by the question label.

Get the respondent with responses from a survey.

Retrieve all contacts from a survey which match the passed criteria.

Retrieve a contact from a survey by contactId.

Retrieve the amount of unique values for the custom fields for a survey.

Retrieve all media items from a media folder.

Retrieve a media item by id.

Add a new file to the media library.

Retrieve the complete tree of media folders.

GET - 3

Default API-call which will return the urls to the root requests in the Links property.

GET - 3/throttle

To check how your application behaves when running into a throttling exception, you can use this request to get the throttling exception.

Retrieve the open answer questions

Retrieve a list of available tags for this question

Occurs when a new survey is created.

Get the roles related to the current key.

GET - 3/hooks

Retrieve all webhooks available for you.

Retrieve a webhook configuration by ID.

Retrieve a demo object of the webhook you just created. The data returned in the demo is fixed and only depending on the type of event used in your webhook, it is not related to any survey, contact, respondent, ... in your account.

Retrieve the available events to which you can attach your web hooks.

Occurs when a respondent completes a survey.

Occurs for each page a respondent completes.

Occurs when a Panelist doesn't want to receive survey invitations anymore.

Occurs when an email to a Panelist bounced.

Occurs once a new webhook has been created.

Occurs the first time the API throttling limit is reached for your account.

Retrieve a contact group by id.

Updates the contact group by its id.

Retrieve the browser id and browser names for all browsers which we identify when completing a survey. (only in English)

Retrieve all contacts folders which match the passed criteria

Retrieve a contact folder by id.

Create a new contacts folder.

Update a contacts folder name by its id.

Create a new trial survey. Upgrading the survey to a paid survey can be done in our Tool.

Retrieve all contactgroups which match the passed criteria

Create a new contactgroup.